Jim Moran on Healthcare

Congressman Moran believes that access to healthcare is a basic human right and that the federal government has a critical and important role to play in ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Jim was instrumental in passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Healthcare reform has long been one of his top priorities and he is proud of the fact that Congress took major action to make health insurance available to all Americans. The ACA will end discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions, and there will no longer be gender bias in health insurance premiums. Birth control will be available without a co-pay. The bill prohibits both lifetime and annual dollar limits in coverage and contains substantial assistance to help lower-income households purchase coverage. It also creates exchanges that will promote competition and reduce the cost of health insurance. Hard working Americans will no longer face bankruptcy because they cannot afford health insurance or end up in debt due to hidden gaps in coverage. Individuals with pre-existing conditions will be able to change jobs or open their own business without fear of losing their health insurance.

Already implemented are the provisions prohibiting denial of coverage for children with pre-existing conditions, and allowing children to remain on their parent’s health policy until age 26. The bill will also mandate mental health parity, ending the practice of providing limited coverage for people suffering from mental illness. A pre-existing condition insurance pool (PCIP) is now available for those who have been denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. The pool will operate until the law is fully implemented.

Congressman Moran understands that passing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was not only the right thing to do, but also a necessary step towards supporting our economic recovery. In order for our nation to compete in a global economy we need to have healthy workers and reduce the amount of our resources wasted on run-away healthcare costs.

Jim has been a steadfast advocate for the most vulnerable in our society and has consistently fought for legislation that will increase healthcare coverage for low-income children and families. He sponsored the ChiPACC Act, which would allow the federal government to provide assistance to state governments to establish a program of coordinated care for seriously ill children. He was instrumental in the creation of the SCHIP program, which provides healthcare coverage for children whose families make too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to pay for health insurance, and has consistently voted to reauthorize and to increase funding for this important program.

Congressman Moran is very concerned with the dramatic rise in the number of children with autism. He is the sponsor of legislation that would help regular classroom teachers effectively communicate with high functioning children with autism who are in regular classrooms, but still need special help with communications and social skills.

Congressman Moran is also interested in promoting healthy eating and wellness, especially in children. As a longtime health advocate, he chairs the Congressional Prevention Caucus which seeks to promote preventive health measures and healthy living, actions shown to reduce people’s risk of developing chronic and more serious illnesses.